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MMJ tips and tricks - 2014 edition

Posted by Jeff Lubow on July 13, 2014

Here is a rolling list of tips and tricks for people as we move through the course. Please add to this as you see fit w/ comments.

Here's an initial tip:

option-click the leftmost inlet for a list of attributes and messages, including all box attribute messages (prevents having to look them up).

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Additional course patches

Posted by Jeff Lubow on July 23, 2012

These patches were either built up in class, or used by instructors during breakout sessions (during which new material was presented). We will be updating this page with new materials as we move through the week.

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Planning for Max 6 adjustments to summer courses

Posted by Jeff Lubow on June 21, 2012

I'm going to use this space to update with what relevant details there are to advance to Max 6 standards in our coursework.

Some preliminary thoughts...

1. dict instead of coll
2. odot objs instead of osc-route and opensoundcontrol
3. general look of stuff in m6
4. might consider tabs if relevant (zl info etc)
5. might consider dict help in addition to zl info

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New feature set in Max 6

Posted by Jeff Lubow on May 3, 2012


* contextual (nearby) autocomplete, including messages and attrs
* contextual autocomplete within objects for the above, plus arguments
* inspector, max window, reference, explorer now embedded in patcher (optional)
* curved patch cords (optional)
* improved help files
* tabbed patchers
* projects

ui objects

* attrui
* plot~
* dict.view

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odot meeting notes

Posted by Yotam Mann on January 9, 2012

#Help patches already come with the answer in most cases

- remove answers
- remove panel
- push the name to the left

#help patch should include TEST TAB
- mean breaking
- edge cases
- coverage

change all .help files to .maxhelp