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Using periodic tilings to design Speaker arrays

Posted by Adrian Freed on October 11, 2007

The placement design problem of spherical and linear loudspeaker arrays are known mathematically as packing problems. Traditional packing problems focus on establishing an optimal packing from the point of you of various density metrics.

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Cheap, single chip magnetometers

Posted by Adrian Freed on September 26, 2007

These are in theory available from Yamaha and AKM for cell-phone magnetometers. In practice you have to commit to a special relationship and large volumes to work with them.

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Adding Pressure Sensitivity to Monome Keys

Posted by Adrian Freed on July 11, 2007

By cutting a small disk of piezoresistive fabric with a central hole I retrofitted a higher resistance range pressure sensor into the Sparkfun clone of a Monome pad.
[inline-right:IMG_6436.jpg=Pressure sensivie Monome Retrofit]

The Monome ( interfaces are square arrays of illuminated switches interfaced over USB using OSC messaging.

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Edge (leaf node) Computations in digital audio

Posted by Adrian Freed on June 11, 2007

Float->24-bit and 24-bit -> float conversion
Sample-Rate Conversion, clock conforming
IIR Filters for EQ, crossovers
Delay, gain, routing, matrixing, panning and monitoring
Encoding, Decoding, Transcoding
Error Correction
Convolution for Reverb and linear phase filtering
Dynamics processing for loudspeaker and audience protection
Test signal synthesis and analysis for calibration