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Things that need finishing

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on April 30, 2009

# Website
- Drupal links to MMJ Components are a complete mess
- Update pages in the manual on the MMJ depot “style guide” and philosophy, e.g. how to wrap things, how to decide what to include in the depot.
- Add music nodes for my pieces
- Downloads for Models
- resolve or reassign all case
- create nodes for new gear
- make sure all of my publications are represented

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Modules... progressing

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on January 5, 2009

As of today, all of the modules starting from A and going to Effects-Audio are Max 5 patches. I haven't done the hex effects, and that will probably be last. Happy 2009!

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Documenting Musical Projects

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on September 9, 2008

From Campion's ME:
-software (actual performance software, depot tools, etc.) (mmj component node)
-performances (event node)
-video recordings
- audio recordings
- scores (biblio node -> manuscript?)
- press (?)
- publications (papers, etc.)
- presentations (powerpoint?)
- project documentation
All must be categorized in the Project and by People.

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Recording workshop

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on May 9, 2008

#Overview of goals, tour of facility

###Condenser Mics
- Patterns
-- Omni (flattest response, more overall room noise, no proximity effect)
-- Cardioid
-- Hyper-cardioid
-- figure eight
-- shotgun

- Proximity effect
Condenser Mics with patterns tend to accentuate bass; useful for voiceover. Could be perceptible from 3-4' away.

###Dynamic Mics

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How to report a bug

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on April 23, 2008


Please report any problems you experience with clear and complete information, including steps to reproduce, software and system information, and where possible, an isolated example patch and crash log. Something like the following would be ideal. This makes it easier for us to find and fix the problems you experience. Without

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Computer Assisted Composition

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on March 15, 2008

Some todo items about presenting CAC to students at UCB:

- PWGL vs OM -- which one is better? Do we need both?
- PWGL: serious look at ENP as a notation environment
- PWGL: constructors?
- PWGL: port OM libraries?

- OM: How is the SDIF support?
- OM: Examine current state of Finale plugins?

- MaxMSP: Creating depot patches that do some CAC and export MIDI files for Finale

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wacom object todo

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on February 8, 2008

#regular maintenance:
- add version, author, copyright, uc license info to source code and helpfile (done, except for helpfile)
- release on CNMAT web page (done: version 4.0)
- coordinate with JMC so that Wacom Engineers know the ball has been passed to us