Both versions of audition-and-decide are meant to serve as exams created by a max programmer / administrator of said exams.
The quiz format differs slightly between versions, and consists of various questions relating to sonic descriptors the user answers. In so doing, they explore the sound collection.

Here is a summary of the obligatory requirements to create your own exam:

- a folder of sounds
- an admin text file (specifying what shows up in the exam as the user takes it)
- a collection (COLL format) text file (specifying the order of the folder of sounds)

Here is an example of how one might format an admin file:

/textcoll, audition_coll_ex_II.txt;
/textmessage, "This is a description of all of the sounds in a given collection. The files referenced in the collection needs to be in the Max search path to load. Keep in mind that sounds occur over time, which could inform your answer.";

/all-options/1, "Noisy";
/all-options/2, "Attack-Decay Envelopes";
/all-options/3, "Mostly Inharmonic";
/all-options/4, "Mostly Acoustic Instruments";
/all-options/5, "Very Little Time-Domain Material";
/all-options/6, "Clear Pitches";
/all-options/7, "Clear Notes";
/all-options/8, "Clear Tones";

/all-reasons/1, "noise is not a significant component of this example";
/all-reasons/2, "this is instrumental music";
/all-reasons/3, "this is classical music and mostly depends on harmonic waveforms and pitch organization";
/all-reasons/4, "no.";
/all-reasons/5, "NOOOO!";
/all-reasons/6, "there is no periodic waveform to perceive";

1, "sound 567.aif" /options "1 2 3 4 5" /answers "0 1 1 0 0" /reasons "1 2 3 4 5" /mostcorr 1;
2, "sound37.aif" /options "3 4" /answers "1 0" /reasons "1 6" /mostcorr 1;

Here is an example of how one might format a collection file (referenced in admin file):

1, 14-29review.aif;
2, 12-29review.aif;
3, 11-29review.aif;
4, 08-29review.aif;
5, 06-29review.aif;
6, 05-29review.aif;
7, 04-29review.aif;
8, 03-29review.aif;
9, 02-29review.aif;
10, 01-29review.aif;
11, 18-29review.wav;
12, 17-29review.wav;
13, 15-29review.wav;
14, 13-29review.wav;
15, 09-29review.wav;
16, 07-29review.wav;

Please see the readme.rtf file in the Depot for more details.

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