The New Berkeley Ensemble in residence at CNMAT is the principal performance outlet for performers and composers of new music at UC Berkeley. Its mission is to facilitate the creation, performance and dissemination of new musical work by Berkeley's artists at the highest levels of achievement. Through its research, educational and performing activities, Berkeley's signature artists and output are recognized nationally and internationally.

RESEARCH. Members of the ensemble work with faculty and students at CNMAT to develop new instruments, new instrumental techniques, new intersections with technologies, and new modes of expression in order to help create and synthesize musical artwork of international note.

EDUCATION In addition to serving as a laboratory for student and faculty composers, the ensemble collaborates with the music department in the training of undergraduate and graduate musicians with a focus on new music playing techniques. Members of the ensemble teach individual lessons, coach student new music chamber ensembles, and perform with student musicians as part of a comprehensive program for new music performance.

CONCERTS The New Berkeley Ensemble gives a series of concerts annually at Hertz Hall, presented by Cal Performances, specializing in new music of Berkeley's internationally noted composers-in-residence, alumni and guest artists. In addition, the ensemble serves its artists and audiences by performing important recent new music from around the world. The ensemble serves as the anchor for a bi-annual festival of new music at Berkeley that features intersections with other art forms at Berkeley, the latest technological innovations from CNMAT, interactions with guest artists and ensembles from around the globe, and an intensive training program for composers and musicians.

DISSEMINATION The Ensemble engages in regular recording projects in conjunction with CNMAT and the CNMAT website, and appears regularly in tours of major national and international new music festivals.