I just reviewed our web site problem reports in the case/tracker systems especially those associated with HART, mmj depot and research activity workflows.

Then I scanned through about 500 drupal 6 modules and confirmed that actively used modules in drupal 6 exist to address most of our problems.

This means that any work we might plan to do to fix our existing drupal 5 platform is going be thrown away when we upgrade to drupal 6.

We will spend a day or two evaluating the time required for a drupal 6 migration: my current estimate is at least 1 month of intense work.

Here are some of the things that drupal 6 now has:

a reservations system

twitter syndication

a way to cleanly get from word documents to drupal nodes

a sane way to manage nodes that refer to other nodes

a proper video and audio node and way to embed audio and video from other services.

faceted search

numerous ajax based tools to increase the speed and efficiency of adding nodes and tagging them

extensions to the signup module to accept paypal or other payments (summer classes 2010?)

tools for creating graphs and displays from nodes. (e.g. resonance image display from resonance data)

new tools for bulk uploading images and videos