Hi Richard,

Here is Breanna's and Matt's revision of the Eco Ensemble Mission Statement, for PR purposes.

The Eco Ensemble is University of California Berkeley’s premiere new music group. It performs cutting edge contemporary music with passion and precision, bringing vital and accessible concerts to diverse audiences in the Bay Area and beyond. Each member of the ensemble is a virtuoso, surpassing the many demands of contemporary music to reach ever-greater artistic heights. Joined together, the musicians’ explosive chemistry energizes audiences with an infectious enthusiasm for the repertoire. The ensemble brings to life new music at once timely and timeless by commissioning and premiering adventurous works from both established and emerging composers. Its unique collaboration with Berkeley’s Center for New Music and Audio Technologies catalyzes performances of music featuring groundbreaking technological advances. The ensemble makes the music accessible to all, offering frequent and stimulating public lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. Through its performances, collaborations, and work with technology, the ensemble guides audiences along a bold and visionary path toward new music in the Twenty-First Century.