Last year at CNMAT, in association with Cal Performances at UC Berkeley, we instituted a professional ensemble in residence, the ECO Ensemble. The ensemble is sinfonietta size (up to 20 musicians, possibly more). The musicians of ECO are drawn from the best performers of new music in the Bay Area and are under the direction of David Milnes. We have a season of three concerts a year presented by Cal Performances as part of their high profile events calendar.

This is a personal invitation from me, Ed Campion. I am inviting you with this e-mail to submit some materials — audio, pdf’s, and other to a non-public drop-site set up for the purpose. Please do not distribute this URL to anyone else, it is just for you.

There are no promises to program here, but I would not invite you if I did not already have great respect for your work.

I ask that you take a look at the submission page which explains everything you need to know. At the same site, you can also link to our Facebook page where you can learn about ECO and its activities. While you are there, please join that Facebook page. We would like to keep you advised of our activities.

Here is the URL for the drop-site.

P.S. If you are represented by a publisher and can send me a contact with your recommendations, I will do my best to see the works set before our selection committee on perusal — but I can’t promise anything on that, and would encourage you to upload materials to our site. Just the mp3’s .wav files would be a great start.

Also, if you know of some pieces/composers I really should consider please send me contact information and I will consider it.