* contextual (nearby) autocomplete, including messages and attrs
* contextual autocomplete within objects for the above, plus arguments
* inspector, max window, reference, explorer now embedded in patcher (optional)
* curved patch cords (optional)
* improved help files
* tabbed patchers
* projects

ui objects

* attrui
* plot~
* dict.view

max objects

* dict family of objects - amongst other things, now there is a difference between pass by reference and copy
* join / unjoin
* combine (?)


* performance increases in js - new mozilla engine
* performance increases via mgraphics (js)
* top level patchers claim their own thread (multicore)


* cycle~ wavetable increase
* msp 64-bit processing
* any sampling rate is possible; high quality resampling filters
* intelligent xfade between audio on/off and updates to MSP patch cords (chain recompile doesn't cause clicks)
* audio mixer for every patch

code generation

* gen~
* jit.gen


* materials system - high qual rendering of 3d objs
* better support for 3d model and animation files, cameras, lighting,
* physics engine
* hierarchical animation and rendering tools