This multi-channel video and acoustic installation/immersive environment, created collaboratively by Evelyn Ficarra and Ian Winters, exists at an intersection between Ficarra's long standing obsession with the submarine world and several time-lapse films about water by Winters shot at noted sea-faring locations around the globe. The soundtrack contains narrative fragments exploring the dangers and tensions of life underwater as lived by (mostly military) humans. The project is embedded in the age-old fascination with sea – visually and sonically mapping place-specific worlds of water, shipwreck, geography, listening and loss.

Evelyn Ficarra, with video artist Ian Winters
Brief Description
This installation was part of Illuminated Corridors in May 2010, organized by Suki O'Kane and held at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park at the Port of Oakland. Ian Winters projected images onto the cement steps by the pier and the soundscore mixed with the ambient sounds of the water and port traffic.