I have created an account on vimeo to put up videos of some of my works as well as demos of some creative research. For the latter, I decided to make a group, titled 'Transducer and Speaker Creative Research.' This group will hopefully soon have contributions from others who are working along this vein, such as Matthew Goodheart, Rama Gottfried, Dan Van Hassel, and others I'm getting in touch with.

The question of taking such a group and giving it a home on the CNMAT site is of interest to me, but it's not urgent. Vimeo has its advantages, particularly: ease of uploading video, linking to social networking sites, embedding content on other websites, and tagging.

I see embedding video on CNMAT as the preferred route. The following is a widget that allows one to glance through the videos in the group:

Additionally, this can be useful for composers who would rather have their works showcased in a similar way:

I'm not sure if this will update itself as the content grows, but that would be ideal.