The tool is performing very well. On the foundational working level, the GUI is working nicely and I find I can explore material quickly and get quick feedback with accurate results. I find myself sculpting the time and I have been able to work at a speed that feels natural and productive and keeps my goal on the musical outcome.

Here are some of the features that I have found myself needing as I work with the Time-Warp on Auditory Fiction.

MUTE output of individual functions (case: 4 functions and I want to audition function 0 or any combination of functions). I implemented this outside the TimeWarp, but it would be nice to have it on board.

Better Y grid -- show Tempo number on each grid line. Viewing fine grade tempos on the GUI would be a big plus -- it helps with dragging and dropping tempos with accuracy and helps prevent errors.

Better X grid -- show time in smaller or user defined way -- best if time posting could be tied to grid i.e. posted on each grid line.

Clear entire $1 function (clear every time point from a selected function from a group of functions).

Lock/unlock settings of $1 function (lock in settings on a particular function) Should be easy to toggle "lock/unlock" for each function. This is important, especially when the tempomap becomes long/complex -- a couple of wrong mouse moves and yuchh... it can all go wrong.

Copy and paste a group of functions or single function. Maybe jitcell block has this feature? It would be very helpful to create tempo templates and be able to paste them in whole to create different sections of a work.

Max Crashed on close