Priority for enrollment is given to declared Music Majors in the Department of Music. All others are welcome and should see instructor on first day of class for permission to remain.

Basic concepts and techniques of computer-based music research, composition, and performance. Essentials of digital audio signal processing, musical acoustics and psychoacoustics, sound analysis and synthesis, musical databases, use of MIDI, computer programming for music, and computer-aided music analysis. Works from the computer music repertoire will be examined. No prior experience with computers is required. Those with advanced programming skills will be allowed to focus on the software developer track and those with strong musical skills will focus on use of emerging softwares for music creation.

Course Title
Musical Applications of Computers and Related Technologies
Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week.
Upper Division Music Major status or permission of Instructor.
Enrollment Limit
Enrollment priority is given to Music majors.