Scattered accross the site, the vibrations of twenty or so invented instruments bathe the public in their movements. Unaltered sounds of surprising depth, without amplification nor processing, of a hyper-real character that borders on the unreal. No speaker nor microphone are hidden behind the vibrating membrane of the instruments. Music of mass and of movements, it has for motif the fluctuating evolution of similar timbres organizing themselves by accumulation and proliferation, fostering the birth of an extremely organic sound universe. Polyphony becomes one global harmony, a total timbre, and behind its quasi-static globality hide extremely lively units.

Jean-François Laporte takes an intuitive approach to creating music, learning through concrete experimentation with sound. By actively listening to each sound, he strives to understand its reality and its underlying structure. His music is the result of working closely with the raw materials of sound. These sounds come from the everyday environment or from both traditional and invented instruments, with no form of hierarchy. Drawing on this diversity of sound sources, Jean-François works in multiple musical languages from instrumental to electroacoustic and also ventures at times into the exploration of random and improvised sounds. In November 2002, he received several Opus awards, which honor excellence in the Québec music community. These included Composer of the year, Discovery of the year, with his piece Tribal being named Composition of the year. Last year, his work Prana received first prize in the mixed music category of the 23rd International Luigi Russolo electroacoustic music competition.

Along with his activities as a composer, Jean-François has been developing and making musical instruments that produce unconventional sounds. The composer recently added robotic and computerized controls to some of his invented instruments , giving them new autonomy and increasing their possibilities Increasingly, these inventions are attracting attention in theatre and visual arts circles.

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Friday, January 30, 2004, 11:45pm to Saturday, January 31, 2004 1:00am