The Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players, led by music director David Milnes, perform works by the graduate student composers of the Berkeley New Music Project as well as faculty composers.

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David Milnes, Director/Conductor

Jimmy Lopez - "K'asa"
violin - Karen Shinozaki
piano - Elyse Weakly

Nils Bultmann - "a collection of short duos for viola and percussion"
viola - Nils Bultmann
percussion - William Winant

David Coll - "Muthologos"
flute - Stacey Pelinka
clarinet - Peter Josheff
violin - Hrabba Atladottir
cello - Leighton Fong

Amadeus Regucera - "Revuelta, Revolución, Rebelión"
bass flute - Stacey Pelinka
viola - Darcy Rindt

Edmund Campion (UC Berkeley Composition Faculty) - "From Swan Songs"
violin - David Abel
piano - Julie Steinberg

Ken Ueno (UC Berkeley Composition Faculty) - "Reverse Swastikas Mark the Place of Buddhist Temples"
voice & electronics - Ken Ueno

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 3:00am to 6:00am