Archer Spade is a collaboration between composer/performers Dan Blacksberg and Nick Millevoi that seeks to broaden the repertoire of new music and re-imagine the possibilities for their respective instruments of trombone and electric guitar. Together they have established a wide-ranging duo vocabulary from a decade of collaborations across genres that include experimental music, jazz, punk rock, and Jewish music. Archer, Spade strives to perform music that reflects the world that the members live in, which absorbs influences beyond the classical tradition and cultivates their personal sounds and techniques to create a singular body of work.

In addition to their own works, Archer Spade has performed music by Roscoe Mitchell, David Soldier, and John DeBlase, and has upcoming performances of music by Gene Coleman.

The duo of Ken Ueno (vocals) and Matt Ingalls (clarinet) bring together an arsenal of extended techniques for an experience that defies classical expectations of sounds that can be made on voice and clarinet.  Ueno sings overtones, multi-band multiphonics, sub-tones, and throat sings. Ingalls' clarinet technique includes circular-breathing, multiphonics, and various breath effects, as well as an unique hybrid-timbre polyphonic effect. Please visit: and

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Monday, January 9, 2012, 4:00am to 6:00am