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Einbond Score, Parts, MP3, and Electronics Note

Posted by Matt Schumaker on August 2, 2011

Attached here is a perusal score for Aaron Eindbond's piece WHAT THE BLIND SEE. Also attached, pdf parts for his work.

A note from Aaron follows below with some information on the electronics and the instrumentation. He also provides a link to an mp3 recording of the piece.


What the Blind See
for 5 players and electronics
duration: 17’30”


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Notes on Patch for Matalon's TUNNELING

Posted by Matt Schumaker on August 1, 2011

Here are some points from Martin Matalon concerning Tunneling.

" It has some real time (Max) and a lot of sound files, the
instruments are amplified and the diffusion is on 6 points. not many
perc. just accessories and toms . the patch is reliable and has not
any particular problem."


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Perpetual Motion

Posted by Nils Bultmann on December 22, 2010


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As an entry point to 'foreign' improvised musical interactions, some tools for "without a net" playing

1. A sustained note, emotional antena

*2. Steady stream of 16th notes with some pivot pitch material, paint in rhythm and accent primarily (bow perpetual motion)

Examples of this--
In techno/DJ situations :