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wacom object todo

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on February 8, 2008

#regular maintenance:
- add version, author, copyright, uc license info to source code and helpfile (done, except for helpfile)
- release on CNMAT web page (done: version 4.0)
- coordinate with JMC so that Wacom Engineers know the ball has been passed to us

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Notes for OSC Timing Paper

Posted by admin on February 4, 2008


- Sufficient scheduling jitter exists so that jitter correction by scheduling is called for
- We have called for the need to perform jitter compensation but never demonstrated it
- The implementation is straightforward but can benefit from clarification and best-practices


- OSC-timetag -- generates, operates, analyzes time tags and streams

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Outline for uOSC Paper

Posted by admin on January 28, 2008

- Introduction
- Who should read this paper and why
- Persons interested in the use of microcontrollers in electronic circuits
- Software developers who write firmware with similar requirements
- Why we wrote this paper
- To document the capabilities of our device (obvious)

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uOSC Firmware Profiling

Posted by admin on January 23, 2008

# Timing information collected from profiler:

- Digital Pins Read/Write, per pin: 4 usec
- Analog Read, per pin: 10 usec
- CDC tx spin-wait for next buffer ready: 10 usec
- OSC floating point conversion, per pin (microchip library): 100 usec
- OSC report, per port/pin: ~300 usec
- Profiling code overhead: 2 msec


- Hand-optimized FP conversion
- OSC dispatch

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New Type Recommendations for OSC

Posted by admin on January 7, 2008

# New Types we Need:

## Vector of n-things the same type (OSW and others)

For this I propose a template syntax, here implemented using (). Similar to blob it must encode the total number of multiple of that type.

Example 1: Some number of floats:


Note that we don't consider () to be a tuple (that is provided by []). Thus the following are equivalent:


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A registered internet media type type for OSC

Posted by admin on January 7, 2008

A standardized internet media-type identifier for OSC would aid in its integration with common protocols e.g. SIP and HTTP. We also extend this to serial devices for microprocessor applications. Obtaining an official designation is a matter of filing a primarily advisory document with the IANA. The logical one for OSC would be "application/osc". Until that is registered it is valid to use x-application/osc.

I propose two options:

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Note on SLIP for OSC

Posted by admin on January 5, 2008

OSC requires a packetized transport mechanism. The commonly used UDP is packetized, but TCP and Serial are not. SLIP provides packetization of arbitrary length data.

# Serial Line Internet Protocol

- Mostly obsolete, except for microprocessors
- Extremely low overhead, python one-liner
- Fully stateless for client