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How I Spent my Summer Vacation: 070621 (Thurs)

Posted by Matt Wright on June 21, 2007

- Met with David Wessel and Julian Lage about guitar stuff

- [cnmat:case/2598#comment-108|Thought extensively about the proper implementation of mutual exclusion and atomicity in peqbank~ and in MSP objects in general.]

- Met with Adrian about the representation and use of OSC in MSP and OSW, especially atomicity.

- Cleared through and archived some old CNMAT emails

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How I spent my summer vacation: 070619 (Tues)

Posted by Matt Wright on June 20, 2007

- Attended CNMAT Drupal meeting, took minutes, emailed them out.

- Wrote a guide on [cnmat:node/2807|how to add a new page to the site]

- [cnmat:node/7|Documented how to use ssh-keygen for SVN configuration]

- Misc [cnmat:user/matt_wright/track|updates to our Drupal documentation]

- Fixed obscure bug in OSC-route, released version 1.15 for all three platforms

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Edge (leaf node) Computations in digital audio

Posted by Adrian Freed on June 11, 2007

Float->24-bit and 24-bit -> float conversion
Sample-Rate Conversion, clock conforming
IIR Filters for EQ, crossovers
Delay, gain, routing, matrixing, panning and monitoring
Encoding, Decoding, Transcoding
Error Correction
Convolution for Reverb and linear phase filtering
Dynamics processing for loudspeaker and audience protection
Test signal synthesis and analysis for calibration

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Head tracker research for headphones and other tracking applications

Posted by Adrian Freed on December 6, 2006

If we had a small, light, mm-accurate absolute-position sensor head tracking would be easy. Three of these sensors arranged in a triangle would yield the position and orientation of the head. Unfortunately such a sensor is still a few years a away. The precision of the only affordable absolute position sensing technology, GPS is only meters not millimeters.