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Derive II Performer Information

Posted by breannaslee on July 15, 2010

Attached is the information for those anticipated to perform in Pierre Boulez's Derive II in March 2011. This information includes performer contacts, websites, biographies, and photos, when available. This information will change as performers continue to revise and update their information.

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The time-map pitch-mapping problem

Posted by Edmund Campion on July 9, 2010

I am working this current project in five steps:

1) design timemap with rough cut of pitch mapping
Thus far, this process is working, but the pitch mapping is rudimentary and will most likely stay that way for now.

2) transfer to a sequencer package (DP),

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working with TIMEWARP and features request

Posted by Edmund Campion on June 28, 2010

The tool is performing very well. On the foundational working level, the GUI is working nicely and I find I can explore material quickly and get quick feedback with accurate results. I find myself sculpting the time and I have been able to work at a speed that feels natural and productive and keeps my goal on the musical outcome.

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Need for resonant synth in Auditory Fiction

Posted by Edmund Campion on June 18, 2010

After some preliminary work and mediation, a need to include a resonator~ based synthesis in the Auditory Fiction project becomes necessary.

This is what needs to be done.

• develop a resonator poly player that allows for multiple voice playback and management of voices. Include messaging for MODE OF EXCITATION, MODEL, DECAY RATES.

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Aesthetic and Process challenges for Auditory Fiction

Posted by Edmund Campion on June 18, 2010

Working with dynamic tempo maps forces a disconnect from most of my compositional skill set -- many of the traditional compositional approaches and techniques do not map meaningfully to the space -- a new creation involves all the aspects of music not just the timemap space, but the timemap space demands a change in method for the composer. In Auditory Fiction, a fixed instrumentation that is not ideal to the primary software tool being developed (flute/clarinet/cello/piano) is also a big concern -- not uncommon problem in these kinds of productions.

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NIME poster

Posted by John MacCallum on June 10, 2010

This is a rough draft of the poster--I'd love some comments on the content and the way it's presented. I've gone with less text rather than more. At this point, it's basically just text taken from captions and the abstract, but I could imagine, for example, getting rid of the text at the bottom of the middle column and putting that information in the images themselves.