Jeffrey Lubow

Jeffrey M. Lubow is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher concerned with the space between body and technology. His influences are spread amongst a number of mentors and colleagues the likes of David Wessel, Adrian Freed, Leslie Stuck, John Bischoff, Pauline Oliveros, and Patrick Clancy.


Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner is a composer, performer and sound designer based in the Bay Area.  Since 2016 he has served as Research Composer and technical coordinator for CNMAT's research & production infrastructure, providing sound & video engineering support for CNMAT concerts & events while mentoring graduate composers in a wide range of production technologies.


Richard Andrews

As CNMAT's Associate Director, I am responsible for a number of programmatic, operational, administrative and financial activities:

- CNMAT organizational development: Strategic planning, policy development and implementation, resource allocation

- Fundraising: Cultivate donors (individuals, corporations, foundations, agencies). Solicit donations (grants, gifts, in-kind), manage donor acknowledgement and stewardship