Implementation and Applications of Open Sound Control Timestamps

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2008
Authors  Schmeder, Andy; Freed, Adrian
Conference Name  ICMC
Pagination  655-658
Conference Start Date  25/08/2008
Publisher  ICMA
Conference Location  Belfast, Ireland
Abstract  The background, purpose, and function of Open Sound Control (OSC) timestamps is reviewed. An analysis shows that jitter-induced noise with dispersion over the millisecond range significantly degrades real-time highresolution sensor signal streams. The design of a distributed clock synchronization and event scheduling domain over an asynchronous network is described. A realization of this model is presented, created using the new micro-OSC (uOSC) hardware platform and host software components in MaxMSP. An OSC address schema for client-server clock synchronization is documented. Two new objects for MaxMSP are introduced: OSC-timetag and OSC-schedule.
Citation Key  aws08-icmc
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