TitleThe Impossibility of Control: Real-time Negotiations with the Heart
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMacCallum, J, Naccarato, T
Conference NameElectronic Visualization in the Arts
Date Published07/07/2015
Conference LocationLondon, UK

We present a practice-based research project, which examines temporal relationships between physiological processes with human movement and mediated environments. Ongoing research will provide a foundation for the creation of performances in which real-time heart rate data from contemporary dancers is used to generate click tracks for live musicians. The complex constructions of time in this project necessitate novel visualization strategies throughout the research, development, creation, and production process, including: time domain display of data with rich and facile interaction using bokeh, visualization of biometric data as a form of biofeedback, and novel representations of time in music notation.