The pendaphone is a kinetic interface constructed by suspending an object from an inverted Gametrak absolution position sensor. In order to enable versatile installation of this interface I built a rig to suspend the tracker in the air.

Shown first is the standard ceiling-mounted method. I'm using a Wii remote as the pendulum bob. Obviously, this isn't a portable setup.


By combining hardware from two speaker stands, I was able to get a pole that extends to considerable vertical height. On top of this is a combination of aluminum bars fixed to a flange. To eliminate the weight of the Gametrak box, the sensor device was removed and rewired to a Bitwacker running micro-OSC.


Here is the completed mounting rig shown at the lower height setting (about 8 feet up)


Now at the maximum height (about 12 feet up). A 35-pound sandbag is used to ensure the boom does not fall over.


Here is the rig again, being used in combination with our spherical loudspeaker array. This is from the expo at Maker Faire 2009 at the San Mateo fairgrounds.