Scheduler settings suggestions for MaxMSP

Andy was mentioning that he had tweaked some of the scheduler settings in Max, based on some research and intuition.
I’ve modified my scheduler settings accordingly, and have ended up with a fairly stable working copy of Max so far.

I’m including them here, and will invite Andy to comment further.

Event Interval: 1
Poll Throttle: 10000
Queue Throttle: 10000
Redraw Queue Throttle: 1000
Refresh Rate (ms): 20
Scheduler Interval (ms): 1
Scheduler Slop (ms): 0.5


Re: Scheduler settings suggestions for MaxMSP

Yes; I include this patch abstraction (which I named sys.optimize.event) in my patches. It automatically sets the preferences everytime the patch loads, which is good in case somebody changed them…

This patch includes the message “; max setsleep 1” which I believe is a hidden preference, and it also sets some of the DSP settings. Another version I call configures the DSP for scheduler-in-audio-interrupt (send “1” to [adstatus takeover]).

I suppose that now with Max 6 one might also want to add the message to set mixer latency to zero.

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