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Video compilation from Cal Day and Chapel of the Chimes

I’m re-posting this, as the old video link seems to be broken.

Here is a compilation video of the installations from the 2010 installations from Cal Day and Chapel of the Chimes.


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Project Update

This project has developed into 2 interrelated but separate directions:

Chapel of the Chimes installation

Here is a link to the photos from the Garden of Memory walk-through concert at the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, CA on June 21, 2009.…

project update - temporary link

While a few encoding issues are being resolved, here’s a link to the blog video for an update on Transducer Activated Cymbals and Gongs.

Transducer Attachment Issues

The transducers are removed from their housing and attached to the instrument using 3M VHB tape. There are 2 main issues that have arisen with transducer attachment, both of which revolve around the amount of pressure the transducer exerts on the surface of the instrument.

Project Description - Transducer Activated Metal Percussion Instruments

This is a brief description of the project, and some excerpts from a recent installation.

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