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Welcome to CNMAT's new web site (Beta Launch)

CNMAT invites you to explore our new site!  We will be under construction in the coming months with the official release set for Fall 2017. We are doing our best to slowly migrate past content into the new site over time.  If you are searching for material from the previous site, check out the ARCHIVES and stay tuned.


BCDI and 158A/B

CNMAT and the Department of Music are excited to have their two new cornerstone courses in Music and Technology included in the new BCDI!   The two new courses, Music 158A (Sound and Music Computing with CNMAT Technologies) and Music 158B (Situated Instrument Design for Musical Expression), were developed with grant support from the Digital Humanities at Berkeley.  The new course development grants provided the opportunity for CNMAT to further integrate its 25-year legacy of research and digital tool development into the life of the University.  



Stanford Composers Present

As part of the on-going exchange between student composers at Stanford and CAL, CNMAT and graduate composers at Berkeley hosted a luncheon, and included the Mivos Quartet who are currently in residence with Department of Music.


Sonic Writing Research

Dr. Thor Magnusson, from the University of Sussex, is in residency at CNMAT for a week this Spring. This is part of his Sonic Writing Research project which is a two-year research program that explores work and practices using new technologies for musical expression. Through tracing the historical conditions of material and symbolic design in in three interconnected strands of inscription - instruments, notation, and phonography - the project studies how established techniques are translated into new methods of musical composition and performance in digital musical media.

Jason Cress, sound art

Jason Cress

Jason Cress is a composer who often explores musical indeterminacy and environmental sound shaping. By situating commonly found materials, he hopes to design instruments that can be easily replicated as sound sculptures or performative objects. Larsen tone audio feedback systems, sensors, and the acoustical properties of cylinders, cones, and spheres are of central concern.


Claudia Hart: Inside the Flower Matrix

Including a multi-channel sound installation by Edmund Campion

With technical support from CNMAT Music Systems Designer, Jeff Lubow

March 7-April 14, 2017

Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery

Department of Art and Art History

San José State University



Lily Chen winner of !BAMM! Student Composers Competition

Hypochondriasis for solo chin and live electronics

With technical support from CNMAT Music Systems Designer, Jeff Lubow.

The !BAMM! Student Composers Competition at Composers, Inc. is dedicated to encouraging the music of Bay Area student composers and presenting it in a prominent concert forum.


Jeffrey Lubow

Jeffrey M. Lubow is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher concerned with the space between body and technology. His influences are spread amongst a number of mentors and colleagues the likes of David Wessel, Adrian Freed, Leslie Stuck, John Bischoff, Pauline Oliveros, and Patrick Clancy.

Oren Boneh, composer

Oren Boneh

Composer and trumpeter, Oren Boneh, is a PhD candidate at the University of California, Berkeley where he works with Franck Bedrossian, Edmund Campion, Ken Ueno and Cindy Cox. His music has been performed by ensembles such as Ensemble Divertimento, Ensemble Meitar, Vertixe Sonora, Ensemble Regards, Ensemble Pentaèdre, the Playground, Ensemble Transmission, Ensemble Reconsil and Architek Percussion.

Matthew Schumaker, composer

Matthew Schumaker

Matthew Schumaker is a native of San Francisco, where he is based. He earned a doctorate in Music Composition from UC Berkeley in August 2015 where he studied with Professors Edmund Campion, Cindy Cox, Franck Bedrossian, Ken Ueno and David Wessel. His piece, As I ride the late night freeways, for soprano and orchestra, was premiered by soloist Ann Moss and the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra in October, 2015.