External objects for Max/MSP :

CNMAT Max/MSP Externals for Mac
Earlier versions
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odot objects for Max/MSP and PD on github:

CNMAT-odot releases

MMJ Depot:

Latest version (v3.1.0): .tgz .zip (~60MB)
Earlier versions
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To find out more about communication between Max and Arduino over OSC, visit this page. To download OSCuino, visit the github page.


On this page you'll find the latest version of CNMAT's collection of Max/MSP/Jitter externals and the MMJ Depot. Please note that the externals and the depot must now be downloaded separately. The old downloads page can be found here:


All downloads are Copyright 1996-2015 by UC Regents unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. Most objects will report copyright and version information in response to the 'version' message on the first inlet.

Version Support

All objects support Max 5.x---6.0. Most objects work on Max 6.1 in both 32 and 64-bit mode, however only a couple of the MSP objects will work in 64-bit mode. Full support for 64-bit Max 6.1 is coming soon. Please note that analyzer~, pitch~, loudness~, and brightness~ have been intentionally left out of this release. They will reappear in a subsequent release.

Older Versions

The last package created of CFM objects can be obtained here. Objects for Mac OS9 are found here.
The last Max 4 release of the Depot (version 1.56) can be found here .


Should you use the software available on this page in your work, we would appreciate a simple acknowledgement to the following effect: "This work makes use of software developed at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at the University of California, Berkeley."