Polyphonic tempo structures with individual time lines defined by a starting tempo in BPM, travel time in milleseconds, target tempo in BPM. Results can be periodic/polyrhythmic or aperiodic/phase shifting. See CNMAT tempocurver



ASTRONOMIA, (1995) (duration 10') for marimba and quadraphonic tape is the third from a set of four pieces entitled Quadrivium. The four pieces in Quadrivium are designed to be played either individually or together as a complete uninterrupted cycle. All the pieces are focused in one way or another on sound spatialization.


A Different Kind of Measure (ADKOM)

ADKOM (A Different Kind of Measure), composed by Edmund Campion (2001-present), is written for four percussionists equipped with special in-ear computer generated clicktracks. The piece is divided into seven short etudes, with each exploring a different aspect of musical time.