Timbre refers to the quality or color of a sound and is determined by presence, distribution, and relative amplitude of overtones. This term also encompasses Spectral Music(s).


Go Where (excerpt)

Posted by Matthew Goodheart on September 1, 2009

Studio produced computer music by Ushio Torikai, with analysis and synthesis by David Wessel. Produced at IRCAM in 1985, released on the CD "Go Where" (Victor, VDR-1026), by Ushio Torikai.



Posted by Matthew Goodheart on August 29, 2009

Improvised music for saxophone and live electronics


Lacy, Lewis, Wessel Trio

Trio improvisation with Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone), George Lewis (trombone), David Wessel (live electronics) from the Berkeley Edge Festival, June 7, 2003