Jeff Lubow

Programmer, Production support, Instructor

I met CNMAT through my graduate teacher Leslie Stuck (Mills College). I was referred to begin helping out in the CNMAT MaxMSP day school, taught then by Michael Zbyszynski. I’ve been learning from and participating in CNMAT’s discourse since. I am very interested in developing signal processing tools for timing and temporal structures, as well as creating graphical interfaces. Some of the tools I’d like to make might lead to new displays of data within creative environments, serving as interfaces for creating sound and imagery.

At CNMAT, I’ve collaborated on a project between CNMAT and the Starkey Hearing Research Lab (for the development of new hearing aids), maintained the MMJ Depot, worked on a number of pieces for Edmund Campion and Eco Ensemble, offered support for various externals, and taught the MMJ summer school. I’ve also helped out with the early sensor/e-textiles courses, which I am found to teach me more about how to bring gestures into computers. I’m very interested in new interfaces and how they might input and relay state within software systems.