Tone is an analog audio feedback circuit with a tree-like array of three electret condenser microphones, a resonant loudspeaker, 9V amplifier, and a waveguide. This circuit is configured with the loudspeaker pointed upward at the mic array which produces audio feedback. The pipe configuration is situated above the loudspeaker/resonant chamber. The loudspeaker consists of a single 4Ω coil and raised glass sphere. When a participant walks around the device a Helmholtz-like standing wave is disrupted and produces different frequencies as a result. Participants can also perceive that environmental sounds are sensed and transformed by the device which in turn influence other resultant resonances. This instrument is part of an ongoing audio feedback project, SHAPE, with support from The Center for New Music and Audio Technologies.

> Jason Cress, Graduate Student Researcher

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> SHAPE, Sound and Habitat Audio Prototyping Environment

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