TitleAn Open Architecture for Real-Time Audio Processing Software
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsChaudhary, A, Freed, A, Wright, M
Conference NameAudio Engineering Society 107th Convention,
PublisherAudio Engineering Society
Conference LocationNew York, NY
KeywordsData, Flow, Language, Music, Open, OSW, Programming, Sound, Visual, World

OSW, or "Open Sound World," allows development of audio applications using patching, C++, high-level specifications and scripting. In OSW, components called "transforms" are dynamically configured into larger units called "patches." New components can be expressed using familiar mathematical definitions without deep knowledge of C++. High-level specifications of transforms are created using the "Externalizer," and are compiled and loaded into a running OSW environment. The data used by transforms can have any valid C++ type. OSW uses a reactive real-time scheduler that safely and efficiently handles multiple processors, time sources and synchronous data flows.