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The Visitor Information Center is in Room 101 University Hall - located at
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Local Weather

**Local Restaurants:**

Restaurants within walking distance (notes by principally by David Wessel with ongoing contributions from Matt Wright and Adrian Freed.)

  • Kirala--2100 Ward Street, corner of Shattuck & Ward 549-3486. The best Sushi Bar around. Usually a bit of a wait for seating. A fair walk but it's good.

  • Toyo--1463 Shattuck Ave., 843-3767. Another sushi bar: cheaper,
    less crowded, and closer to CNMAT.

  • Sushi California--2033 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 548-0737. A great
    little sushi place with a very limited non-sushi menu. Fish is always excellent
    and they have the best unagi (eel) around. Lots of vegetarian sushi.

  • India Palace-- 2160 University Ave. Has an excellent buffet lunch deal. One of the best Indian places in town (10 minute walking distance) with plenty of vegetarian fare.

  • Blue Nile Restaurant - Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine--2525 Telegraph
    Ave., 540 6777. Have not been in a few years but it maintains and excellent

  • Chez Panisse--1517 Shattuck Ave., 548 5525. Dinner Reservations Only
    . This is the one. The restaurant downstairs
    is booked months in advance but you might slip in on a cancellation. The Cafe
    upstairs (much less of an investment) is very good and does not take reservations
    by phone but you can stop by and sign up. An easy walk from CNMAT. Also, the
    Chez Panisse people have opened a (very expensive) Tapas restaurant right
    next door called Cesar's.

  • Long Life Vegi House - Chinese Vegetarian Seafood--2129 University
    Ave. Inexpensive with some tasty items like the Hot Garlic

  • Nefeli Cafe--1854 Euclid Ave. makes me feel a bit like I'm back in

  • Northside Food Court--On Hearst, facing the north side of campus,
    just above Euclid. A little complex of cheap and adequate campus-oriented
    restaurants with Top Dog (grilled sausages), a burger place,
    Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean restaurants.

  • Cha Am--1543 Shattuck Ave., 848-9664. Excellent Thai restaurant. Seafood
    specials are typically extraordinary. Plenty of vegetarian options.

  • Dara Thai Lao Cuisine--1549 Shattuck Ave., 841-2002. Wide assortment of
    vegetarian and meat fare. The stuffed sea bass and Nam Lao are particularly

  • Taiwan Restaurant--2071 University Ave. Chinese/Taiwanese food at reasonable prices. Excellent
    steamed pork dumplings. Very inexpensive lunch specials, and lots of vegetarian

  • Venezia--1799 University Ave. Pasta and other Italian fare.

  • Spats--1974 Shattuck Ave. A good place to meet and converse
    as it is comfortable and quiet. Close by with a good selection of drinks.

  • Triple Rock--1920 Shattuck Ave., 843-2793. Great local microbrewery. Their
    kitchen serves reasonable nachos, burgers, sandwiches, and salads, but you
    have to enjoy their excellent beer for it to be worth the way-too-loud rock
    music. Their upstairs roof patio is extremely pleasant but closes early.

  • Thai Noodle--1936 Shattuck Ave., 848-6531. Not the best Thai food
    in Berkeley, but one of the only restaurants open late (like 1 or 2 am). Obviously
    noodles are a speciality; the duck and pumpkin curries are also good.

  • The Cheese Board Pizza Collective--South west corner of Shattuck
    and Vine. Delicious gourmet vegetarian pizza, one kind per day.

  • Cancun--2134 Allston, 549-0964. Great Mexican place with an incredible
    salsa bar.

  • Gregoire--Cedar just up from Shattuck. Expensive but delicious French-style
    carryout. The $4 french fries are actually worth the price.

**Local Shops and Resources:**

The following are within a block of the corner of Shattuck avenue and Vine

  • The Cheese Board, huge selection of imported and local cheese, excellent

  • Elephant Pharmacy

  • Peet's Coffee

  • French Hotel, good coffee and local hangout.

  • Andronico's, more imported and gourmet items than Safeway

  • Safeway

  • Longs Drugs

  • North Berkeley Post Office

  • Bank of America

  • Wells Fargo (inside Andronico's)

  • North Berkeley Wine Cellar

  • Black Oak books, new and used. Good selection of used Math. books.
  • The best local produce may be found at Monterey Market on Hopkins street and in South Berkeley at the Berkeley Bowl.

  • **Hotels:**

    Beau Sky Hotel

    2520 Durant Ave.

    Berkeley 94704

    (510) 540-7688

    Restaurant, bar, 1 block from campus

    Bed and Breakfast International

    P.O. Box 2829

    San Francisco 94128


    (415) 696-1690

    (415) 696-1699 fax

    Room sizes and prices vary;

    they all include breakfast 60.00 and up

    Berkeley-Ramada Inn

    920 University Ave.

    Berkeley 94704

    (510) 849-1121

    Restaurant, pool

    Berkeley Travel Lodge

    1820 University Ave.

    Berkeley 94703

    (510 843-4262

    Campus Motel

    1691 University Ave.

    Berkeley 94703

    (510) 841-3844

    Claremont Hotel

    Ashby & Domingo

    Berkeley 94705

    (510) 843-3000

    Restaurant, spa facilities, lounge,

    sauna, pool, tennis courts, shuttle to airports

    Days Inn

    1603 Powell St.

    Emeryville 94603

    (510) 547-8414

    Restaurant, room service, lounge, jacuzzi

    Durant Hotel

    2600 Durant Ave.

    Berkeley 94704

    (510) 845-8981

    Restaurant, room service, lounge,

    continental breakfast, shuttle to airports;

    1-blk from campus

    The French Hotel

    1538 Shattuck Ave.

    Berkeley 94709

    (510) 548-9930

    Cafe, room service

    Golden Bear

    1620 San Pablo Ave.

    Berkeley 94702

    (510) 525-6770


    Gramma's Rose Garden Inn

    2790 Telegraph Ave.

    Berkeley 94709

    (510) 549-2145

    Bed and breakfast style

    Full-serve breakfast; wine

    & cheese served in the

    afternoon; restored turn-of-the-century


    Holiday Inn Bay Bridge

    1800 Powell St.

    Emeryville 94608

    (510) 658-9300

    1-2 people with Bay view

    Suites and conference rooms

    Restaurant, room service, bar, pool, free parking

    La Posada Guest House

    1629 Walnut (north of campus)

    Berkeley 94709

    (510) 548-8658

    (510) 548-6528 fax

    Doubles, queens, and king beds

    Self-contained apts; fully furnished w/kitchens

    Marriott Inn on the Marina

    Berkeley Marina

    Berkeley 94710

    (510) 548-7920

    Restaurant, room service, bar,

    pool, sauna, airport shuttle

    Shattuck Hotel

    2086 Allston Way

    Berkeley 94704

    (510) 845-7300

    Bar and grill, lounge, bay-view,

    continental breakfast, parking, conference rooms


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