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RITMO and EDRL visit CNMAT the week of May 6-10, 2024

CNMAT welcomes Alexander Jensenius, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time, and Motion (RITMO), and Dor Abrahamson, Director of the Embodied Design Research Laboratory (EDRL) at Berkeley The collaborative teams from RITMO and EDRL have organized the international interdisciplinary research gathering made possible by the Peder Sather Grant Program (Abrahamson and Jensenius).

   RITMO Visitors Include:


Dr. Jeremy Wagner awarded a 2024 Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award

Jeremy Wagner, Technical Director at CNMAT, has received a 2024 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award, one of the highest honors given to UC Berkeley staff.

Composer, performer, and sound designer, Jeremy Wagner has served as Research Composer and Technical Director at CNMAT since 2016, providing sound & video engineering support for CNMAT concerts & events while mentoring graduate composers in a wide range of production technologies.


Dzwonczyk's sound work featured at CuratingAI Exhibition

From April 20th to 27th, La Nuit Sauve, by Etienne Chambaud, will show at CuratingAI at the 120710 gallery in Berkeley. Graduate student Luke Dzwonczyk worked with Etienne to create the sound of the installation, which uses Carmine Cella's Orchidea software to endlessly generate orchestrations of the film's sounds. 


Hélène Papadopoulos in Residence at CNMAT

Hélène Papadopoulos is a pianist known for her intricate and sensitive interpretations who possesses a transversal vision of music creation and performance. She embarks on her residency at CNMAT to delve into the legacy of American keyboardist Rosalyn Tureck (1913-2003) for Bach performance in the 21st century. She is commissioning new works from living composers inspired by Tureck’s perspective, fostering a dialogue between tradition and innovation in Bach's performance.


Monacchi and Casetta - Residency and concert

The composers and sound designers David Monacchi and Nicola Casetta are in residency at CNMAT this week. The schedule for the week inlcudes:

Tue, Feb 27, 2pm: Masterclass by Casetta on sound design with feedback

Fri, Mar 1, 3pm: Colloquium by Monacchi on his project Fragments of exctinction (

Fri, Mar 1, 8pm: Concert


DAVID MONACCHI                                                   


Roger Reynolds at 90

Roger Reynolds at 90: PASSAGE and Persistence

In celebration of Roger Reynolds’ 90th year, CNMAT and the Department of Music will be sponsoring and hosting a colloquium and concert. The colloquium will be held on March 8, 2024 at and the concert will be held on March 9, 2024. There will also be an invitation only concert at Meyer Theater. See our event listings for more information.


OpenLab: Machine Learning and Music Working Group

As part of CNMAT’s OpenLab series, the first meeting of the machine learning and music working group will convene this Thursday, November 9, from 4-5:30 pm at CNMAT (1750 Arch Street). The purpose of the group is to bring together those who are working on research and/or artistic projects that relate to music and machine learning. This is an open meeting in which all are welcome to join.


Maija Hynninen, Mobiles, L'itenéraire -- IRCAM

Maija Hynninen, CNMAT affiliate composer, works in concert music, electronic instrument design, and multidisciplinary performances. The essence of her music builds on the unique moments where the parameters of this world are slightly altered to allow a glimpse of another reality to be present.



Visiting Scholar J.J. Burred

J.J. Burred is in residence this fall as a visiting scholar. He will be working closely with Carmine Emanuale Cella on machine learning methods for synthesis and orchestration and, in particular, about creative applications of sound source separation methods.