CNMAT Externals objects for Max & MSP:
Current stable release: Mac/Windows (32-bit + 64-bit)
Earlier versions (Full set of releases)

ODOT (OSC) objects for Max/MSP and PD:
v1.3.4 release: Mac/Windows (ARM 64)
note that the current revision (1.3.0) is 64-bit, includes code-signed externals, and is only available through the Max Package Manager.
Earlier versions (Full set of releases)

MMJ Depot:
CNMAT MMJ Depot Master zip
Wiki for contributors
Earlier versions (Full set of releases)

SDIF Sound Description Interchange Format Information (link)

OSC for micro-controllers:
Source code
Primary release

CNMAT OM Tessellate library
CNMAT-OM Library download

More Information on TESSELATE (link)

Music & Computing pedagogy package
Release v1.8

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