Because of the inherent limitations of visual feedback in a single color LED matrix (Monome), I’m starting work with
Adrian on developing an RGB Monome with pressure sensitivity. For now, I’ll focus on the multiplexing/de-multiplexing

We chose the SparkFun button breakout available here: along with button-pads that they offer:

For the management of the IO via Serial PWM, I’m planning on using Wiring; a board similar to the Arduino. The wiring board offers more pins, and doesn’t require familiar Arduino users to learn
another language.

Collect components and pieces together. Make sure that you have at least the following: >- 16 tri-color LEDs >- 16 diodes >- a soldering iron >- the breakout PCB >- the buttons >- a controller board >- a chip that will allow for simultaneous IO for sensing and feedback (e.g., MAX7219 or TLC5940 for feedback only) >- some time