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For over 20 years CNMAT has been more than a widely respected site for research, training and public events focused on the creative interaction between music and science. It has also been a meeting place for artists, scholars, professionals and novices from many backgrounds and interests - a place to share ideas, become inspired and engage with visionaries from around the world.

Now, we need generous folks like you - people who share our passion for new music, new ideas, new approaches to artistic creation - to make a gift. Your donation helps us develop and deliver CNMAT's unique contributions to the community: from vital, transformative software for music creation to our extraordinary live concerts, lectures, workshops and demonstrations.

Your support helps make what we do possible. UC Berkeley covers only a fraction of our budget. To provide you with all that CNMAT has to offer, we rely on you - friends of CNMAT - to keep us active on the frontiers of new music. Please make a gift today, and thank you in advance for your support.


David Wessel
Edmund Campion
Adrian Freed
Richard Andrews

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$50 Redwood Members - the infrastructure that holds 1750 Arch St. together. Your name appears on the CNMAT Donor Recognition web page.

$250 Current Providers - the electrical juice that inhabits our collective veins and powers the creative flow. Donor Recognition acknowledgment plus 2 free tickets to any concert at 1750 Arch St.

$500 Signal Corps - the bits and waves running through fiber, wood, metal, synthetics and air, delivering inspiration to the world. Donor Recognition acknowledgment plus 4 free tickets to any concert at 1750 Arch St.

$ (your choice) Freestylers - mavericks, iconoclasts, rebels…choose your own gift amount and declare your independence from the system. Your name appears on the CNMAT Donor Recognition web page

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