Performance that makes use of real-time and/or interactive electronic elements. This term also encompasses Amplification (e.g. amplified instruments).



Tentations—its title derived from the mechanical engineering term meaning “a method of making mechanical adjustment by a succession of trials”—came to fruition through exactly such experimental means. The composition, indeed is a posteriori, a musical hindsight born from intense collaboration between cellist and composer.



Why do we create art and what do we expect it to do? This is the question posed in 68. In the beginning we witness the creative act: a poet, writing and speaking out the earliest fragments of his poems; discovering through experiment his voice, both physically and figuratively.


Shafqat Ali Khan, David Wessel

Selections from a 1996 concert at CNMAT, featuring improvisations with Indian Ghazal tradition vocalist Shafqat Ali Khan, and live electronics with composer/improviser David Wessel.