Perpetual Motion


Nils Bultmann- Entry point to 'foreign' improvised musical interactions, some tools for "without a net" playing

1. A sustained note, emotional antena

*2. Steady stream of 16th notes with some pivot pitch material, paint in rhythm and accent primarily (bow perpetual motion)

Examples of this--
In techno/DJ situations :


Nils Video Work

Video Installation work
“Wie schwerer Honig aus den hohlen Waben”, a piece dealing with time, mixing footage at various playback speeds.


Nils Improvisations

"Free" Improvised music
One of the great benefits and pleasures of my time at CNMAT was the opportunity to continue to play with a variety of guest free improvisers.
I define "free" in this case as scoreless and without any discussing prior on what we intend to play .
Here are some examples: Headphones please my friends:

with Frank Gratkowski and David Wessel (2006)