Music notation is any system which represents aurally perceived music through the use of written symbols.


Night Edge I

Photos from Night Edge: 1. Aurora Josephson in organ loft; 2. Dancer paige starling sorvillo with Aurora Josephson; 3. final scene, left to right: Aurora Josephson, Myra Melford at the piano, paige starling sorvillo on the floor.



Why do we create art and what do we expect it to do? This is the question posed in 68. In the beginning we witness the creative act: a poet, writing and speaking out the earliest fragments of his poems; discovering through experiment his voice, both physically and figuratively.



“Intuitivo” is a collage of free improvisations.

I recorded seven players improvising freely and separately. They received no guidelines, and they did not know what the other players would record or had recorded. Then I trimmed and juxtaposed the improvisations to create an imaginary synchronized performance.


Melt me so with thy delicious numbers

Melt me so with thy delicious numbers (duration 5-8') is written for solo cello, or solo violin, or solo viola with live interactive computer accompanist. The project was started in 2002, and as with all computer based music it is in continual revision.