Aine Nakamura’s work, Kusottare! has been selected for performance at the SEAMUS Conference (April 7-8, 2023). Kusottare! was premiered at The LAB in December 2022 at Sound Encounters lll hosted by SFCMP in collaboration with CNMAT. Aine is currently pursuing doctoral studies at CNMAT.

Nakamura will present her 2-hour durational performance at the Glasshouse upon the occasion of ECHO, the sonic performance festival, in New Paltz NY on April 15.

Bent Duo (Bill Solomon, David Friend) will premiere "but will always find, its freespace," which Aine Nakamura composed for the duo, on April 17 at the APNM Concert at DiMenna Center for Classical Music in NYC.

The work is inspired by the duo's social and musical engagements of listening to spaces and environments and interacting with them, and the zines RAMBLE and BDLA for queer percussion research group; both of which are created by Bent Duo. The duo creates its free-spirited sonic space with everyday used or inexpensive objects, moving with them, the texts, and bodies, walking and playing. The sound and interactions they embody and pose creates and embraces the freespace.

In addition, Nakamura's fixed media "Koma top is not for spinning" will be included in APNM, Vol. 3 Music from the Association for the Promotion of New Music which is published by New Focus Recordings/2023.