CNMAT welcomes Olivia Ting as Artist-in-Residence for the fall of 2022.

Olivia Ting is a HOH visual artist whose works span audiovisual site-specific installations, projection design, and graphic design. Her installation work explores the liminal separation between understanding and not understanding of sounds due to incomplete spectrum of hearing. She currently holds an art residency with Leonardo Arts + Science publications CripTech Incubator, an art-and-technology fellowship centered on disability innovation. Concurrently, she is also a resident of Thoughtworks Arts, a global creative research laboratory that incubate artist and technologist collaborations exploring impacts of emerging technologies on society.

Her current project explores the parallels between the movements and spatiality of sign language and music conducting. Wearing a hearing aid on one ear and cochlear implant on the other, what are the poetics of meaning lying in sounds lost amidst disruptive hearing and algorithms of assistive hearing devices?

Trained as a classical pianist, she also explores the parallels between herself as a performer and the piano as sound-making bodies.

Olivia will be working with Professor Edmund Campion and Luke Dzwobczyk in developing sound design and possibly spatial/haptic translations of her audiovisual installation work in progress.

She has designed for award-winning dance productions in Bay Area dance community, including Lenora Lee Dance, choreographer Amy Seiwert for ODC Dance, and Charles Moulton for Garrett Moulton Production. Her museum design work include Oakland Museum of California, San Jose Children’s Museum, and Brooklyn Children’s Museum. She holds degrees from Pomona College, Art Center College of Design, and received her MFA in Art Practice from U.C. Berkeley.