On Wednesday, April 27, CNMAT released a maintenance update for CNMAT Externals v1.0.5 that provides support and compatibility with Apple's M1 processors as well as other minor updates and bug fixes. Users should update the CNMAT Externals through the Max Package Manager:

  1. In Max, go to File>Package Manager,
  2. Search for 'CNMAT' and select CNMAT Externals.
  3. If the CNMAT Externals package is already installed, you may choose to update, or alternatively, uninstall then reinstall (each operation requires Max restart).
  4. If you are new to CNMAT Externals, simply click install (requires Max restart)

As with prior releases of CNMAT Externals we are unable to include analyzer~, bessel, bdist, randdist, and firbank~ through the Max Package Manager due to GPL licenses of dependencies that conflict with the UC Regents license. However, these objects have also been updated for M1 and can still be compiled from source by the end user. Just follow the instructions at https://github.com/CNMAT/CNMAT-Externs.