CNMAT stands in solidarity with those affected by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces. We echo the condemnation that has been expressed broadly across the UC Berkeley campus of this terrible violence.




Based in the Bay Area. In this time of war, it is focusing all efforts on humanitarian aid to everyday people and families affected by war in Ukraine. Nova Ukraine has an established, proven network of trustworthy partners on the ground in Ukraine. Money from donations is allocated daily to frontline volunteers providing emergency resources to both refugees and citizens who have remained in the war zone.

Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is US-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization whose current mission is to provide medical and humanitarian aid for people affected by violence in Ukraine. Sunflower of Peace started its first fundraiser in 2015 with the purpose of helping people who were affected by the war in Eastern Ukraine. As the organization grew bigger, it started providing help to orphans, internally displaced persons. The organization raised thousands of US dollars and provided hundreds of medical workers in Ukraine with the equipment they lacked in times of drained resources and even larger needs.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine (blue ribbon baskets) Revived Soldiers Ukraine is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine so that they may fulfill fundamental rights and freedoms such as the right to affordable medical care, freedom of political/religious view, and an adequate standard of living. It works to promote awareness of human rights while delivering humanitarian aid to those in need. Its goal is to provide medical aid and sustainable living standards to Ukrainian soldiers and their families as well as civilians affected by military conflict. It suggests helping Ukraine by making purchases on Amazon.


Razom, a 501(c)(3) organization, was born out of the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 when millions of people worked together and risked their lives to build a pathway to a better future for Ukraine. Those who were unable to be in Ukraine during this time wanted to do their part to help the movement as best they could from abroad. Many sent funds and supplies to sustain the community built on the Maidan through the winter, but they also took to the streets in their own cities to raise awareness and amplify voices from Ukraine in the West. To donate, click on “What Can You Do To Help Right Now” and for a list of where your donation will go.