Here's a preview of upcoming events at CNMAT for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019:

Concert , September 2018
Carl Stone + Soo Yoen Lyuh - Haegeum
Sponsored by composers, Clara Olivares and Curtis Rumrill

Concert , October 2018:
Reidemeister Move - Robin Hayward - Microtonal Tuba and Christopher Williams - double bass
1) Arcanum 17, a 45-minute piece developed in collaboration with sound artist Charlie Morrow for microtonal tuba, contrabass, conch, field recordings, and texts from André Breton’s inspired by Pierce Rock inspired book of the same name, set in the MorrowSound True 3D multichannel environment.
2) Borromean Rings, a 40-minute sustained-tone graphic score in just intonation for acoustic tuba and contrabass by Robin Hayward.

Concert , November 2018:
Helen Newby, cello
Concert of premieres for cello, electronics and dancer
Pieces by:
Maija Hynninen
Scott Rubin
Antonio Juan Marcos
Sivan Eldar

Sonification Symposium: Nov 10, 2018
This symposium is an open ended dialog regarding where this new area of research and sound creation has been and where it is going. Participants include Ed Campion, Jeff Lubow (UCB) Chris Chafe (Stanford) Roger Malina, Sharath Chandra Ram, Scot Gresham-Lancaster (UTDallas) Andrew Blanton (tentative) (SJSU), Tim Perkis (independent) and others.

November 2018: Tana String Quartet + Accordion (Pascal Contet)
Premieres by:
Selim Göncü
James Stone
Oren Boneh
Andrew Harlan
Clara Olivares
Maija Hynninen

April 2019:
Quince Ensemble + Eco Ensemble
Quince Ensembe: vocal quartet: Kayleigh Butcher - mezzo soprano, Amanda deBoer Bartlett - soprano, Liz Pearse - soprano, Carrie Henneman Shaw - soprano
Premieres by:
Selim Göncü
James Stone
Curtis Rumrill
Clara Olivares
Maija Hynninen
Kayla Cashetta

Dates TBA
Composer Neil Rolnick in residence at CNMAT