Sonic reflections of deep space 

an evening of meditations and sound works based on the observations of the James Web Space Telescope, the VLT, and Hubble Telescope

Building on the research of the ESA’s VLT, the James Webb Space Telescope, and the Hubble Space Telescope, the evening performance will respond to data from the telescope while looking inward and thinking about the implications for humans here on Earth. Two composers, Andrew Blanton and Matthew Monaco will present an evening of electro-acoustic spatialized audio. Hybridizing the worlds of contemporary classical music with data science and astronomy, the composers will respond with works of poetic interpretation, sonification, and artistic realization of datasets from the James Webb Space Telescope at the Leonardo House in Paris.

As a historical site, the Leonardo House is uniquely situated for the presentation of this work. As an epicenter of the confluence of art and science and its history in the collective histories of both art and space science, the venue provides a context that is unique to the presentation of this work, situating it both in the history of the human exploration of space, as well as the history and active research of artist working with scientist to further both fields.