Viola Yip and Ken Ueno (UCB) will be featured at the Look + Listen Festival, May 22, 2021.


Viola Yip + Ken Ueno will present an hour-long live telematic multimedia performance. In this new piece for the Look + Listen Festival, they ask: How can we reclaim time from the COVID-19 malaise of non-time? What are ways in which geographically-distanced performance can point to the limits of what we feel as the “now”? Their piece will instrumentalize the streaming network, expressively coaxing affordances of failure, sonic artifacts which serve as evidence of life being lived in the present.


Saturday,  May 22 | 4:00 PM EST/UTC-4 (1pm PST | 10pm CET/UTC+2)

Ken Ueno will be live streaming from CNMAT.

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