Assisted orchestration can be thought as the process of searching for the best combinations of orchestral sounds to match a target sound under specified metric and constraints. Although a solution to this problem has been a long-standing request from many composers, it remains relatively unexplored because of its high complexity, requiring knowledge and understanding of both mathematical formalization and musical writing.


This graduate level seminar will provide the foundations of assisted orchestration, focusing on the specific needs of each student. After a general introduction aimed at providing both the scientific and philosophic backgrounds, the course will show in details the Orchidea tools for assisted orchestration. Each student will have the possibility to apply the discussed techniques on her own specific problems during individual teaching sessions. For further information please contact:

The seminar is offered in the Department of Music and taught at CNMAT in the Spring of 2019. Participation requires advanced knowledge of music and/or computational sciences and the permission of Professor Carmine Cella, 

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