***NOTE: This is an online only event. For more info, click here.***

This event premieres SUN, MAY 23,  2021 @3PM Pacific and is available on demand through JUNE 23, 2021.

Please note the following programmatic and personnel changes: 15 eyes by Jon Yu will not be performed on this concert. IMY/ILY by Amadeus Regucera has been added to the program. Percussionist, Andy Meyerson is soloist. 

This year's in the COMMUNITY series concert features two works that are fully electronic and audio-visual in concept - a piece by Finnish composer Maija Hynninen, with a new video accompaniment by film artist Olivia Ting, and a newly expanded work by California-based composer Jon Kulpa, who’s developed both the audio and visual aspects of the piece. Joining us to create a live performance element as counterpoint, is none other than the incomparable Andy Meyerson - artistic director, and one member of the powerhouse duo that is The Living Earth Show, based in San Francisco. Andy gives us a highly personal stamp on two great works for single percussion instruments, James Tenney’s piece for solo tam-tam, on having never written a note for percussion, and Amadeus Regucera’s IMY/ILY for solo bass drum. We hope you’ll enjoy this concert - the first in a collaborative effort that’s all about exploring and stretching the boundaries of sound creation. 

Runtime: 60 minutes

having never written a note for percussion (1971)

Composed by James Tenney 

Performed by Andy Meyerson


it is always today (2015)

for multi-channel audio

Composed by Maija Hynninen

Video by Olivia Ting


QuFoam (2021)

for multi-channel audio

Audio & Video Composed by Jon Kulpa 

IMY/ILY (2019)

Composed by Amadeus Julian Regucera 

Performed by Andy Meyerson


This program is in collaboration with the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at U.C. Berkeley